"Off the Hook" Campaign
Exposing manipulative practices of the credit card industry.
"Off the Hook" Campaign
Exposing manipulative practices of the credit card industry.
The credit card industry in America is a multi-billion industry making its profit by offering amounts of debt to the consumers. Consumers then have to repay what they owe with an interest. Even though,going into a credit card debt is a personal choice, there are evident examples of the ways the credit card companies entice people into debt. "Off the Hook" was created as an educational campaign exposing manipulative practices of the credit card industry and giving people tools to get out of debt.
Debtman Walking: This humorous video illustrates the uncomfortable daily life with the credit card debt. Check it out.
Ads: The three print ads were created as posters and can appear in newspapers, magazines, on the web, etc.
Magazine spread
Ad's presence on Comcast.net
The "Lost" Card: This is a guerrilla marketing campaign. The card was designed to be lost on purpose. It can be placed on the table or on the floor where it can look forgotten or lost. A random person walking picks it up and finds information about "Off the Hook" campaign.
Wristbands: Wristbands serve as a sign of reminder, support, and commitment. Through that, wristbands help to control the use of credit cards.
Website: The website is a key component of the whole campaign. All of the materials refer back to it. The website is packed with really interesting sections and pages about the credit card industry: the truth, examples, tips, resources, etc. There is a lot of information on how to deal with debt, credit, and how to be a more responsible credit card user.
Visit www.GetOffTheHook.org to see the website live.
 Before even kicking off the ground, "Off the Hook" campaign already attracted a lot of attention locally and abroad. In the near future "Off the Hook" will be marketed in Russia and presented at the Financial Peace University.

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